Your Health Care

By Coach Shawn

Aging well & improving our longevity means continually improving our:
* strength, 
* balance, 
* core strength, 
* coordination, 
* flexibility 
* and cardiovascular fitness. 

As Coaches, we see & train our people anywhere from 12 to 20+ hours in a single month. 

That is 144 to 240 hours + in 1 year’s time. 

This equals 2.5 to 4+ days out of their entire year that we collectively see them and they are under our care.

*For reference – the average person sees their doctor twice a year. 
The average doctor visit is 7 minutes. 
That’s 14 minutes a year. 

It is part of our mission to net as much health benefits, 
improved lifestyle habits,
physical improvements,
mental/psychological improvements 
that the Doctor visits just confirm you’re crushing it. 

Training is preventative care. 
It is actual health care.

…emotional, mental, and physical well-being.


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