Your Circle Of Wellness

By Coach Shawn

Becoming your most optimal and healthiest self isn’t just about how often you move or what you eat. 

It is the collective and constant improvement in 

Stress management, 




Support system, 




Together these make up our wellness. 

What does everyone want? 


Health & happiness?

To live life on their terms? 

To feel the best they can?

To have memorable experiences? 

To give and receive love?

Are we really experiencing these or others at the most optimal levels, if we are not fully committed to our own

health and wellness? 

3 Question(s) to write and answer:

What areas have you created healthy habits & how has your life improved now that you have made these changes?

Which of the areas do you need to create consistent healthy habits in?

Which areas of your life will improve by focusing on them to help you reach your goals?

Tomorrow, we’ll deep dive into these areas and leave room for a self assessment.


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