Across almost 8 full years of Coaching, one thing I’ve noticed is certain,


People make the mistake of attaching their own self worth to their performance/abilities & get down on themselves when they don’t do as well as they want(ed) and then let it bring their self esteem down. 


Why is that? 


Do you remember when you first started your journey? Whether it be with CrossFit or getting in shape? 

It was hard. It’s supposed to be. 


Take a second to really think about the you of now, the things you can do, the abilities you possess, the strength you have from when you first began.  


Are you thinking about it? 


It should bring a smile to your face. 


But why when you have an off day in training do you beat yourself up, lose your smile or think “I suck” or “I’m just not good at (insert movement).”


Why do we attach our self worth to how we do/perform? 


Because It’s all in our heads.

“If you stay in your head, your dead.”


Take another second, this time to think of why you started working out.  


To lose weight? To get stronger? Fitter? To Lean out? 


Did you ever celebrate those wins along the way?  


A pound lost? Lifting a little bit more on the bar than last week or month?  What about doing a movement you’ve never done? Or getting better at one? 


Why are we so bad at celebrating ourselves and our personal victories yet are so quick to defeat ourselves?  

Sometimes defeating ourselves even within a personal win! 



Coach – “Awesome job on your squat today Wendy!”

Wendy – “Yeah but I should’ve gone heavier.” 




Coach – “Awesome job on your squat today Bernard!”

Bernard – “Yeah but I wish I could lift more” 


We fail to see the progress right in front of our own eyes because we are either too focused on “never being satisfied” or “we aren’t enough.”


Stop comparing. 


Our self worth and esteem is NOT defined by our performance, our strength numbers or the movements we can do.  


Our self worth and esteem can be correlated to how good of a person we are, our kindness, our effort, our commitment, our consistency, our drive, our passion to name a few. 


Love yourself first. 


Appreciate who you are, what you can do.  


As an athlete, who’s going on 8 ½ years of CrossFit I can tell you the following:


-PR’s are few and far between the longer your training age (and that’s okay)

-You will have good days and you will have not so good days, find the good in both because it’s always available.

-More training isn’t the answer to improving or moving the margins, it’s almost always sleep better, eat better and stress less (the other 23 hours of the day).

Consistency = results. Consistency = king. 

-It’s less about what you do and more about how you do it.  (Nobody cares if you Snatched 185lb with horrible technique.  Do the common, uncommonly well). 

-If we focused half as much on our nutrition and mental wellbeing as we do our physical training we’d be better in every single area of our life, period (please re read that).

-Light or Darkness, it’s always your choice.  I recommend you always be the energy you want to be around.  Share smiles, conversations, fist bumps, encouragement, friendly smack talk. Be a light to others, to yourself, never a darkness.  


Remember, we get to workout we don’t “have to” workout. 


You are making the single greatest investment you can, in yourself. 


But we need to be better to ourselves, celebrating our wins along the way. No matter how big or small. 


So here is my challenge for you. 

3d people – man, person with arrow. Challenge

All of you. 


For the next 30 days, are you up for it? 


Always end the day asking yourself, what am I proud of, happy about, or did really well today? 


Can you list 3 things? 


(I’m implying the gym but feel free to take it outside as well) 


What’s 1 thing I would like to improve upon? 


Did you see what I did there? 

I didn’t ask what’s 1 thing I am awful at, or 1 thing “I suck at” because this way of communicating is defeating and not conducive to growth or progress. 


And progress = happiness. 


Change the way you talk and feel about yourself by asking better questions.   


By being better to yourself. 


-Coach Shawn