By Coach Shawn

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago to meet up with a bunch of other business owners.  

I did the normal routine, get to the airport 2 hours ahead of time.  

I had a flight scheduled for 12:55pm and landing in Chicago around 2:30pm.  

My plan was to check into my hotel and check out a local CrossFit gym and experience their class, coaching and community. 

I checked in, went through security and made it to my gate before 11am. 

I sat down and pulled out my laptop to get some work done. 

As I’m plugging away, I couldn’t help but notice the faces of the people approaching gate B9. 

They had this look of disappointment.

Then I looked behind me, “delayed to 2:30pm.

I took in a big breath, let it out. 

And got back to work.

Ten more minutes went by and I saw the same reaction, now with an even more frustrated individual “ah come on!

I turned around, “delayed to 3:30pm.

I said to myself, this is out of your control, control what you can. 

I brought a meal with me that I had ate as soon as I got there around 11am, and knew I would be hungry before the flight so I began planning ahead, should I eat?

I put the thought on brief hold, got back into my workflow I was in.

Within another 15 minutes a pair of gentlemen who had been sitting at the same small restaurant as I came back with food and mumbled some things I shouldn’t repeat here as they looked at the flight status.  

I knew it what was coming again, “delayed 4:01pm”

Definitely going to eat.  

I told myself, continue working until about 3pm and find the best option you can with what’s available here. 

I made the mistake of checking my bag with my phone and computer chargers and my laptop was running low on juice….

Before I continue I know what you’re thinking….

To my defense, it has been so long since I’ve traveled I thought I needed to check my Nike duffle bag and could only carry on my laptop. Oh well, let it go, lesson learned.  

I went and grabbed some food and still had time to spare because on my way back the flight was delayed again to 4:17pm. 

People were not happy. And they were expressing it.  

I decided to do rom wod aka stretch in the airport. 

Yes, the looks I got at times were a bit funny, but I tell you, I didn’t care one bit.  

Being someone who lives health and fitness I know how important stretching is. 

Could you imagine if the near 300 people who were waiting put down their phones and stretched for 10-15 minutes, how much better they’d feel? 

Needless to say we boarded the plane and made it to Chicago. Late sure, but we made it, and safely.

I was still hopeful to get a drop in at a local gym. Chicago time when we landed was pushing close to 6pm and I checked a few gyms had a 6:30pm class available, perfect!

I grab my bags and head to the area where everyone is getting into taxis.

Sweet, the line is small and the turnaround is super quick I see!

Person 1, gone.

Moments later, person 2 gone. 

Then, I’m waiting there, for 5-10 minutes as I see taxi after taxi drive by. What is going on?

Some people form a line behind me. I look around puzzled to realize I was in a “pre-ordered taxi waiting area” aka not where I was supposed to be. 

I quickly got on the move and ran towards what looked like a mile long of taxis.

I get to the front, touch base with the driver and he tells me to hop in he’ll be right with me. 

I get in, a few minutes later he comes back and confesses, “you know, I didn’t want to take you.”

“How come?” I ask.

“I waited 2 hours for someone and you’re going not 5 miles away” he said.

Kind of a crappy rapport builder if you ask me but I decided to make the best of my time with the taxi driver and engaged in conversation.  

And we’d get a good amount of it because within 2-3 minutes we were in bumper to bumper traffic. 

“Is this normal?” I asked.

“No, there is a 100 year reunion ceremony all weekend for the Chicago Bears” he said. 

As we sat in traffic, I kept noticing the payment amount would beep and go up .50 cents.  

I clocked my watch the next beep to realize it was every :45 seconds.  

Even if the taxi wasn’t moving.  

Instead of losing my mind over what I feel isn’t fair, again I thought to myself, out of my control. 

We got to my hotel a little after 6:30pm that day and I knew my hopes of dropping in to a local affiliate were not going to happen. 

The day didn’t quite turn out like I had anticipated. 

There could be a lot to complain about.

A lot of energy going towards things I have no power over. 

But it all boils down to the right mindset. 

There was so much out of my control, I chose to focus on what I could.  

I got work done at the airport.



Have the ability to workout anywhere. 

(*After I checked in to the hotel, I went outside and did a short run, air squat, run and pushup workout to break a sweat and feel better.)

So I encourage you, the next time you encounter a challenging moment, day, experience, or whatever is in front of you, to let go of what’s not in your control.  

Don’t even give it energy. 

Focus on what is within your control, and seek to find the good. 

And if you have to….

…make some good.