What is Railroad CrossFit? 

by Coach Shawn

We are a Core Strength & Conditioning gym.

-We prioritize strength training to build stronger & more capable fit humans who can live life on their terms. 

We are a Coaching based gym. 

-We teach, guide, affirm, educate and connect each session.

-Personal training, Group fitness or Nutrition are our avenues. 

We are inclusive culture centric.

-We have built and maintain a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for people to thrive and make individual progress, together. All ages, abilities and backgrounds.

We are longevity focused. 

-We approach the macro to the micro with longevity in mind. Aiming to improve the quality of the life over 

We utilize CrossFit in our program.  

-We do CrossFit.  We love the variance, functionality and relative intensity of that part of training. 


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