A little backstory for you:

Pat, 66, reached out for help with her Nutrition about 10 weeks ago.

She had done years of shake diets, quick fixes, weight watchers, all to lose weight but gain it back.

Wasting countless time and a lot of money.

In her first sit down with Coach Shawn she made the following statements:

“I don’t eat carbs.”

“I only eat twice a day.”

Fast forward to 10 weeks of working with Coach Shawn, being held accountable, focusing on 1 habit a month, her life, health and results have flipped upside down!

In 8 weeks Pat has lost -7lbs body fat mass, is up 2.5lb of skeletal muscle mass, down 2% body fat percentage! 

She hadn’t seen the scale move in the direction she wanted or changes in her body in years.

And in 8 short weeks she’s changing!  And it wasn’t overly difficult or rocket science… 

Pat would adhere to a particular habit she needed to improve upon each month.

She has been disciplined each week.

When asked to grade herself how committed she was to a particular habit or focus for the week, she would always respond “a 10.”

She’s trusted the process, remained 100% committed and her results show. 

Recently she went away to get away with her husband at a Casino.

Where she was staying didn’t have the vegetables she was used to eating or quality of food.

What did Pat do when faced with this challenge?

“I saw what they had available, and knowing what I know now, I made sure to eat a bit more protein, I didn’t want the carbs they had so I ate the fruit they had for some carbs and nutrients and made the best out of what was available.”

When I asked her, “Pat, you’ve been so disciplined across these 10 weeks.

Adhering to every habit, every step, not skipping a beat, even this mindset within some challenges.

Where does your disciplined mindset to stay on the path come from?”

She replied, “You know what it is, I’m in the restaurant business, I see what people order, and often I can’t believe it.

Wings, french fries, burgers. I now see carb, carb, carb. And deep fried. 

It’s not balanced or healthy.

I even think to myself – at one point I used to eat like that!

And it didn’t make me feel good at all! 

If I ate a basket of fries right now I’d be sick. I’d have such guilt, I know it would do it to my stomach. 

 It would be a toxic feeling because I eat so clean. 


My daughter (Coach Abby) taught me how to eat. I cook healthy. 


And don’t get me wrong, the temptation isn’t just at work, there’s temptation at home!

My husband has a sweet tooth. 

He enjoys a nightly sweet treat, so it’s in the house, but I don’t eat it.”

When I asked her, “Pat, that level of discipline, to be around food all day, then it’s at home, how do you stay so disciplined?”

She said, “Because I’m not a sweet tooth person (she labeled herself something she is NOT <– that is powerful).  I can eat my meals and be very happy with it.” 

 She continued, “It’s all around me, I see it all the time, pizza, wings, burgers. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m human, I had a burger once over the summer. 

 And I had it with no bun.

And I felt good.”

Benefits she’s experiencing: 

Her husband and her noticed her energy levels are much better.

She used to struggle with sleeping, she sleeps better.  

She’s progressing with her fitness (recently picked up 95lbs off the floor for 3 reps!)

All her markers are improving. Clothes fit better, friends are asking her “what she’s doing?” 

She’s developing the habits, the tools and being held accountable week to week.

All areas of her life are improving. At 66 years old. 


Pat you are an inspiration!

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