We’ve all heard the phrase, “pick things up and put them down,” but what if we said….”walk with them first?”

We are talking weighted carries.

Why should we perform weighted carries?

To put it simply, they help you build and maintain that bullet proof body.

They give us the opportunity to meet a variety of situations that transcend into everyday life and they also work nearly every muscle in our bodies!

Carrying weighted objects helps to strengthen your core, upper back and grip, develop shoulder and hip stability, and aids in fat loss too.

Why should this matter to you?

You carry things every day.

You will carry things all throughout your life.

A baby, groceries, a laundry basket, or your air conditioner into the window as a hot summer is approaching.

Adding weighted carries into your training makes life tasks easier, allows you to do more and keeps you functioning properly.

Speaking from experience (relatable example):

A lot of folks experience back pain and struggle with simple life tasks, one example being moving the coffee machine forward or backward on the counter.

This was something my father, at 82, was experiencing.

Although, only days ago, he told me the pain in his lower back pain is gone!


My father works with Coach Nolan for one 30-minute personal training session a week.

Weighted carries are a weekly occurrence and carrying those weighted objects has helped him with stabilizing his core, improving his overall strength and improving his balance and eliminating his pain.

He is now able to get out of bed with ease and can move that coffee machine forward from the back of the kitchen counter with no pain in the lower back!

Carries are for everyone. My dad is not the exception. At 82 years old, he is the example!

How do we perform these?

They can be held in an overhead position (this also gives you the benefit of shoulder stability!)

Front rack position (this also gives you the benefit of strengthening your upper back!)

Or by your sides in a farmer carry.

How far do I go? 

We suggest a heavier weight for a shorter distances

and more of a moderate weight for a longer distances.

Yeah but I won’t get a stronger core from that, right?


Our core, often referred to as the ‘midline,’ is the bridge that connects our upper body to our lower body. The BRIDGE.

As you carry anything, the core has to work to stabilize the midsection and not compromise, thus keeping you safe. 

Carries build the strongest cores. 

Want a better deadlift?


Want to get a heavier back squat?


Want to look better naked?


We’ve been adding weighted carries into our programming more and more.


To strengthen your core, build that bullet proof body, and decrease your risk of injury and any setbacks in the gym or in life! 

And ultimately, giving you a stronger, healthier body!

– Coach Abby