Happiness isn’t something that just happens to you. 

Happiness doesn’t mean the absence of work or worry. 

Happiness is a practice. 

And the first exercise in that practice is to know what makes you happy.


The second exercise is Bright Spots: the ability to notice when good things are happening. Because most people don’t.


Most people don’t have a single positive thought all day.

Most people are pessimistic.

Most people are plagued by self-doubt, self-comparison and sarcasm.

Most people will never be happy, because we’re not trained to be. 

We’ve been feeding the wrong dog.


We have a “Bright Spots” board at our gym, right by the front desk/walk in area.  

We encourage our members to write their wins, PR’s, something they’re proud of, little or big wins on that board each day/week. 

Every Friday we do “Bright Spots” exercise within our private Facebook group.

We tag a few friends to share their bright spot from the week (gym or non gym related) and aim to create a chain of recognizing something good from the week. 


Since it’s coming from their gym, some write gym related bright spots, which we love.  

But it’s equally cool to see them share Bright Spots happening outside the gym!


We want our members to notice their success, no matter the size and avoid the trap of “more” or “not enough”. 


The Bright Spots exercise keeps our compass pointing in the right direction.

Noticing the little wins, reinforces a better mindset I am certain we all would rather possess, feels good and shows us the progress we are all chasing regularly!


So when in the gym and you get your first double under, Pullup, PR a lift or anything, celebrate it. Let your Coaches and fellow members know. 


Not only is that showing your hard work paying off, but it reinforces the practice of finding/seeing the happiness. 


So I gotta ask …what’s your Bright Spot from the day?

-Coach Shawn