I started CrossFit in the summer of 2011 on my own. 

Fast forward to 2013 I was on a competition floor in Massachusetts with the now 5x Fittest Man on Earth Matthew Fraser. 

He wasn’t the Fittest Man on Earth yet. He wasn’t even known yet. But even back then you could tell he was special. 

I was still very “green” in terms of my experience with CrossFit. Some areas I excelled in, some I had major weaknesses but I had an unstoppable hunger and drive.  

Signing up to compete in anything is scary. You’re vulnerable, able to be exposed, and in terms of CrossFit you’re going to push yourself to levels that are beyond. 

The competition was not easy, and the field of competitors was stacked. About 50+ male competitors from the stacked North East, one of the toughest competitive regions in the world. 

After a few events, Mat stood out as an exceptional CrossFit athlete.

I was having a decent day, learning a ton.  

Most proud of entering what felt like the safari full of uncaged lions and holding my own. 

There was one particular event that will always stand out to me. 

The workout was hero workout “DT” 

5 rounds of:

12 Deadlifts, 

9 Hang Power cleans,

6 Push Jerks 

At 155lbs.

But upon finishing this barbell cycling workout, you had to complete 15 Ring Muscle Ups. 

There were only two men out of the entire field of about 50+ male competitors who were able to complete those 15 Ring Muscle Ups unbroken and cross the finish line.  

Mat Fraser and Myself. 

I knew I had the ability. I believed in my ability. And then there is what’s between the ears. That mindset of a competitor. 

What you are willing to do?

That ability to dig deep within yourself.

Quiet the voices that tell you you can’t. 

That fills your body with fear.

There are two wolves inside all of us. 

One is evil, brings the negative thoughts, self doubt, self pity and tries to keep us small living in our fears.

The other is the good wolf, the one that knows you can, see’s the good, that believes in you, that’s your fighting spirit, your warrior, your voice of possibility, belief and your truth. 

These wolves inside of  you aren’t unique to fitness, but life, in all your decision making. 

“Should I run the red light.” 

“Hit up the drive thru instead of eating what’s at home.”

“Skip the gym for the snooze button or the couch.”

“Not begin that project I know I need to.”


Believe those lies, non truths or falsehoods that enter your mind each and every single day. 

The one that grows, the one that wins, 

is the one you feed.