Throughout your CrossFit experience, there will most likely be times when you will look at the workout of the day and think, “There’s nothing ‘sexy’ about this.”

The appeal for the workout may not be there like it is for a one rep max deadlift day or your favorite conditioning workout.

Take this workout for instance:

For time:


Wall Climb

Turkish Get Up

*start and every 6 minutes run a 400m.

(30 minute cap)

On paper, this workout could present a few fears for some individuals:

  • Wall climbs are hard, man!
  • This is going to push me to an uncomfortable place
  • I’m not very confident with my wall climbs and there are so many
  • Turkish Get Ups are hard for me
  • Running! Ugh, I’m so slow.
  • I hate running
  • I’ll never finish this workout
  • I just won’t go

What this mentality really needs is a slight shift in perspective to make all the difference.

By focusing primarily on fear, this mentality is missing out on all of the benefits that can be personally unravelled from a workout like this. (And this isn’t just within this workout, there are benefits like those you’re about read below in EVERY workout).

Yes, this workout on paper may lack the “sexy” appeal versus things like back squats and pull ups, but what if we dove into the benefits for you for a moment:

  • Wall climbs are challenging, yes, but they build amazing core strength and some awesome looking shoulders and arms. (Do you want awesome looking shoulders and arms? Silly question!)
  • They will build confidence in your ability to control your body should you want to get better at pushups or eventually further your skills into handstand holds, handstand pushups or handstand walking.
  • Turkish Get Ups are also challenging, and they are a FULL body movement! (Full body means your entire body is getting a workout. You want that too, don’t you?)
  • Shoulder stability = healthier shoulders. (Who doesn’t want their shoulders to stay healthy?)
  • Core strength keeps your back, hips and knees healthy and happy (That sounds great too, right?)
  • Passing through positions with a loaded object improves mobility, leading to the ability to hold better positions and thus have safer workouts!
  • Running is also challenging, BUT three challenging movements in a day isn’t a bad thing. That’s a day for massive improvement!
  • If I don’t believe I can do the distance coach lays out in the time he/she says, I’ll adjust the distance down and still get an amazing workout (Because that’s really what we’re all after, right?)
  • Running is another FULL BODY exercise
  • It also does AMAZING things for your heart
  • Running helps to strengthen the heart and its function
  • Your increased heart rate from running also supplies the working muscles with more oxygen, which helps to carry vital nutrients throughout the body much easier


So, the next time you look at the workout and maybe it doesn’t have that appeal like some of your favorite movements do, remember the benefits you’ll receive far outweigh anything else.

Change your perspective – enjoy the results.

Change your perspective – change your life.