The goal of CrossFit is to get you fit. Fit to enjoy life on your terms. CrossFit is a blend of gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural endurance, it does not specialize. It will never plateau. It is fun, creative, and, most importantly, it works. It will teach you how to do common things uncommonly well, while developing a base of strength and stamina on which you can build an active lifestyle…a community that you want to be a part of.– CrossFit Journal

Our classes are 60 minutes in length and we workout together as group. Each class is led by a Coach. Every class the Coach will will educate you, motivate you and lead a fun, well structured hour. Our program delivers proven results and will challenge athletes at any and all skill levels. More importantly, every workout is and can be tailored to the needs and fitness level of the athlete.


Personal Training is specific one on one Coaching and programming tailored for you and your needs. With this service, you’re in control of your training agenda and schedule. You determine when you workout and each session is individually tailored to your goals and fitness level.  This is a great option for those who want a more private setting, a specific goal or for those who would like to begin here before joining group classes.

L.I.F.E. CLASS (Longevity In Functional Efficiency)

L.I.F.E. stands for “Longevity In Functional Efficiency.” The goal of this class is to demonstrate that no one is too old or out-of-shape to benefit from the basic CrossFit principles. Utilizing a variety of functional movements enhances both the quality and quantity of our lives.

As in our regular classes, L.I.F.E. offers safe, effective workouts – a “gentle” version of CrossFit with more emphasis on increasing mobility and functionality within the body.

We start where you are and take you to become better than you thought you could be.

No introductory class is required to participate in L.I.F.E. – Longevity In Functional Efficiency. If you are looking for a lift…try L.I.F.E


This class is perfect for anyone and everyone – the point is to just get moving and break a sweat, making it inclusive of all fitness levels! You perform every movement at your pace. 

What does this class entail? Lots of machine work, cardio, body weight movements, dumbbells and kettlebells – no barbells for this one.

Welcome to Railroad CrossFit’s Nutrition Coaching Program!

Do you know how people struggle to lose body fat and feel confident in their own skin?

Railroad Nutrition Coaching changes that.

We change peoples lives by improving nutrition habits each week to lead to the happiness, health and body you deserve.

Struggle no more. 

Air Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Jerk


Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Medicine Ball Clean


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!