If you want some help with one (or multiple) of the areas listed below, you’ve come to the right place: 


We’ll go over some tips in the realm of nutrition regarding: 


-Fat loss 

+Increase lean mass

+Increase strength 

+Better energy levels 


What do I recommend to do with the following information? 


Scan for some tips that you may immediately be able to implement today.


Recognize that some things you may not be ready for, today. And that’s okay. Be honest with yourself. 


But commit to something from whichever area you are looking to improve. 


Consistent, repeated action and improved habits is what will get you results.

Not talking about it. Not talking about all the things you have done or aren’t willing to do.


Consistent, repeated action. 

Here we go!


So you wanna lose body fat? 

Tip #1 – Eat with purpose.


Tip #2- Eat more vegetables and nutrient dense foods at every meal.


Tip#3 – Eat on a smaller plate.


Tip #4- Eat until about 80% full. 


Tip #5- When you feel hungry, first drink water. You may just be thirsty. 


Tip #6- Eat more lean protein. 


Tip #7- Decrease current total calorie intake by 10% for 1 month and track progress. 


Tip #8- When you have a “joy food” keep it to a meal, not an entire day or weekend. 


Tip #9- Chew slower. 


Tip# 10- Read the “ingredients” as well as know the serving sizes on food labels. 


So you wanna increase lean muscle mass? 

Tip #1- Eat more protein. In fact, track it for 2 weeks. See #2


Tip #2- Eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight.


Tip #3- Eat most of your carbohydrates post exercise. 

So you wanna get stronger? 

Tip #1- Eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight.


Tip #2- Eat 10-15% of your daily intake of carbs in your pre workout meal.


Tip #3- Eat 30-35% of your daily intake of carbs in your post workout meal. 


Tip #4- Add a post workout shake + carb mix to your immediate post exercise routine.

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So you wanna have better energy?

Tip #1- Eat balanced meals (protein, carbs, veggies and some fat) at every meal. 

[the more out of balance you are, the more irregular your insulin levels will be!]


Tip #2- Ditch the soda’s, energy drinks and trade them for a healthier alternative [water, flavored water, seltzer water etc.]


Tip #3- Eat at consistent times throughout your day.


Tip #4- Stop any consumption of caffeine before noon.


Tip #5- Drink more water. 


Tip #6- Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, snacks. 


Tip #7 – Decline the mid day cookie, pastry or sugar spike and replace it with a healthier alternative. 


Action time!  


What tips are you going to immediately begin? 
To take one step closer towards your goal, towards progress. 
Take the step, take action.