Perspective During The CrossFit Open

//Perspective During The CrossFit Open

Perspective During The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open Season kicks off tonight and it’s safe to say the excitement has been building for a while now.

Between getting ready to test your own fitness, maybe preparing to battle against your fellow CrossFit friends, to ramping up to compete worldwide to see where you rank, there is much to be anticipated this time of year.

That being said, through all of the hype and eagerness, some not-so-great emotions can usually make their way to the surface as well. Whether it be fear, anxiety, or self-doubt, most of us can recall feeling a mix of negativity at some point before or during the Open Season.

But why is this?

Even if we aren’t using the Open as a way to reach the CrossFit Games, we all still take it pretty seriously.

We want to exceed our performance from last year. We want to accomplish things we couldn’t accomplish last year. We want to rank higher than we ranked last year. We want, we want, we want, and soon enough we start to miss out on the awesomeness that is the Open.

So, how can we go into the Open with a determined, “won’t back down” attitude, while still accepting the outcome of each workout and enjoying the process?

Focus on things you CAN control, not things you can’t.

Put all of your time, energy, and positivity into yourself and what YOU can do to make the next five weeks rock. Tune in on your sleep, dial in on your nutrition, zone in on your mindset during the workout and trust your body and the messages it sends you.

Tell yourself “Yes I can” as you lead into each workout, even if it includes movements that challenge you or you can’t do YET – these obstacles are ultimately what will make you stronger. Prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead and work hard to maintain a positive headspace throughout.

Take care of yourself physically.

To perform our best, we have to feel our best, but we can’t do either unless we take the time to care for our bodies. Open workouts can and will take a toll on our bodies so it’s extremely important to do what we can to provide a speedy recovery.

Scheduling time for stretching and mobility at least once every day is a surefire way to bring your body back to its optimal performing state. Getting massages and taking baths are other great ways to care for your body during this strenuous time as well. By taking the time to heal your body, you will be happier with your performance because you know you were able to give each workout everything in your tank

Focus on your achievements, not the leaderboard.

Sure, seeing where you rank in the world, the region, or even your gym is cool, and yes, it’s nice to see that you were able to do X amount of reps more than so-and-so, BUT checking the leaderboard can quickly become obsessive, all-consuming and at times self defeating.

Submit your score, take a deep breath, and close out of the standings. Allow yourself two minutes once a week to briefly check where you and your fellow athletes rank and be done with it.

The Open is about so much more than your numerical rank. It’s about pushing yourself to limits you never knew existed, aiming for goals you never thought were in sight, creating bonds with fellow athletes, and praising yourself for the incredible effort you’ve given.

It’s all about effort.