If I don’t go grocery shopping, I don’t have food. If I don’t have food, I don’t eat. If I don’t eat, I eventually starve. 

If I don’t pay my mortgage, I get a notice of default. If I continue to not pay my mortgage the lender will initiate the foreclosure process. Within 6 months or so the lender will list my home for sale or hold an auction. I will not have a home. 

If I don’t brush my teeth each day, plaque builds up. Week by week bacteria builds and teeth and gums begin to decay.  Eventually leading to rotting teeth and gum disease. 

If I don’t workout one day. That’s fine. 

If I don’t workout for a week, I’ve fallen off a little.

When one week turns into 2 weeks I’ve lost momentum. 

When one week turns into a month, my fitness and health have taken a back seat to other things that at the time I thought were more important. 

When one week turns into a year, a year into 10 years, I’ve lost health, I’ve lost years, not added them.

All of the sudden, my life is at risk, when I’ve been diagnosed with a health problem I could have prevented.

Prevented by living the truth that without health, I have nothing. I have no life to live. 

Prevented by knowing there is nothing more important than making the time to eat healthy and exercise consistently. 

Exercise is a necessity of life, not an accessory. 

Treat your mind, body and health as so. 


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