My mom used to do CrossFit. 

And you couldn’t imagine the feeling I got Coaching my mom in group class who after 2 weeks, was wearing high socks and ripped off her tank top during a workout and worked out in her sports bra!


She was all in. Juiced up and thriving off the positive environment. 

She, like many others, felt she could be who she’s always wanted to be in that environment, her true self without fear of judgement. 


Some of my greatest memories of my mom at CrossFit are her working out with Astrid or a class of 2, her and Nolan’s mom, Kathy (Mama Nolan).  


My mom chose to stop CrossFit back in the day but never told me why.  I always assumed it just wasn’t for her and I accepted that. 

I would later find out it wasn’t the case at all.

That she loved the challenge, the environment, the coaching from her son. 


It was due to a medical issue she was experiencing.  Seizures. 


She went through a period where they were so frequent, sometimes I’d even get called to pick her up from work.


She would go on to battle for a while with her nutrition and not exercising, I’m sure to cope with the life turn. 

Slowly accumulating excess weight gain over time through bad nutrition & lack of exercise. 


Naturally hitting a low point last year. 


Not feeling good in her body, weight gained, her relationship affected with herself and her boyfriend.  Her seizures were at an all time high, she made the decision to make a change. 


Fast forward to current day:


Mom is 1 year seizure free!

She’s down 25lb!

She exercises 5 days a week. 

She feels and looks great!

She recently got a new job and…

And she’s engaged! 


She’s re-found her healthy, best self. 


Through consistent exercise and healthy eating. 


I was recently having a conversation with her and she goes “Son, you’ve inspired me to be healthier, to take action.” 


I said “Mom, that’s amazing, thank you! I love to hear that. But I’m curious, I don’t see you or we don’t talk everyday, so how have I inspired you?”


She said, “The way you consistently live your life Shawn.” 


Whose life are you inspiring that you don’t even know?  


By simply doing the things we should all be doing, eating well and exercising our bodies 3-5x a week. 


Are you surrounded by people who support you and pull you down? 


How would your life, or someone you love or who is close to you benefit by meeting and working with my team at Railroad CrossFit? 


By having a Coach. 


A team of individuals who will hold you and them accountable.  


Get you the results you want.


Improve your mindset, your confidence and what you are capable of (in and out of the gym). 


Whether that’s 1:1 Training, Group Class or Nutrition Coaching? 


I know what you or they may say, 


“I can’t do that!” 




“I don’t look like some of those people, they’re going to judge me or make fun of me!” 




“I have to be fit to do CrossFit.”  


Not realizing these are stories holding you/them back. 




Fear of the unknown. 


[I’ve never had someone who started confirm any of these things, only negate them & say “I wish I started sooner!”]


Here is the truth:


I want what’s best for you out of this life. 


I have this great team of Coaches who live to serve. 


Who’s life purpose is to better others through fitness, nutrition and mindset Coaching. 

And we see the benefits made in these areas bleed into every other area of a person’s life. 


I only share this with you because I know your life could be better too. 


& I was where you were once, scared to take the first step to change. 


But it was the best decision I ever made. And I am better for it.


And it doesn’t start with exercise.  It starts with a conversation with me or one of my Coaches. 


You get to talk to one of us because we WANT to get to know you. 


We want to know who you are, your goals, your fears, what’s worked for you, what you’re comfortable.

Where are you at currently and where do you want to you? 


And this comes of no cost to you. A free consultation. 


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ultimately, change is up to you!


Free consultation:


I have such pride in knowing I was a catalyst for my mom to regain her health and become her best self at 53 years young. 

Life isn’t forever and to maximize our journey we need our health.

Take 1 action step towards a better you today:

Whether that’s booking a consult and starting a conversation, or eating better, or throwing out the crap in the cabinets or even just go for a walk. 

Momentum starts with a single step in the right direction. 


Not ready to take action? 

Feel free to watch some of these videos: 


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