Moving Mental Zip Codes

Obviously I am a big advocate of mindset.


I truly believe it is a separator in peoples happiness, fulfillment, productivity, the list goes on and on.  

The mind and body are not separate, they are one. 

And your body will not go anywhere that your mind will not lead you to. 


And if your body out runs your mind…

your body will digress and regress back to a place so that it’s equal with your mind.


So mindset is wellness.


Mindset is not an option.


Mindset is a container that holds the body. 

Mindfulness is a part of the journey.

Mind wellness leads the journey.


Wherever your mind goes, your body follows. 


Your finances will follow.


Your relationships will follow. 


Your mind leads the way.

So if you want to improve your life, you must change your mental zip code first.

When you change your mental zip code, everything else has to follow. 


I invite you to declare mental wellness. 


What do I mean? 


When you come to me, to Railroad, we are committed to the whole self, called YOU. 


I am committed to your internal and your external. 


Your mindset, your physical set. 

You must be open and willing to both,
to truly experience the results, progress, personal growth and betterment of the entire self. 
Constantly upgrading YOU. 


So if you get taken on a path you didn’t expect me to take you on, 


You’re welcome. 


Most people, unfortunately, spend 80% or more of their time in their circle of concern. 


If we want to thrive, create results, feel good, we need to shift that 80% to our circle of influence. 


What can you influence? 


Your health.

Your productivity.

Your attitude.

Your reactions.


Most people are living with ‘concern’ and simply visiting or occasionally dropping in on ‘influence.’ 


Action step:

Look at the hours in your day.


Assess yourself. Where are you spending your time? 

How much of that is spent watching the news too much?

That’s your circle of concern.


I didn’t say don’t watch it, just don’t watch it more than you’re doing something.


Same thing with social media. 

That’s your circle of concern.

You cannot influence it. 


Set a timer limit on it for the day.

Pick blocked out times in the morning and or evening to check your social media so you’re not wasting your day in your circle of concern. 


Or, simply don’t call it social media…


Call it, 

Audience connection media, 

Revenue generation media, 

Business growth media.


Change how you label it so you don’t get confused where you socialize. 


Write down all the things you actually can influence. 

Spend more of your time there.

Begin to slowly let go of the things in which you have absolutely no control. 


The shift won’t happen overnight. 


But as you see the shift begin to take place, you’ll recognize a more proactive, happier and effective self emerge.