John Gambino started at Railroad only two short months ago but has already shown us a work ethic, determination and drive like no other.

He comes into the gym each and every day with the biggest smile and always carries himself with positivity, warmth and good vibes.

He’s quick to learn, extremely coachable, and isn’t afraid to put his head down and grind through every workout.

The first few months of CrossFit are always the toughest as they come with so many new things to learn, but he’s realized that sticking it out has been one of the best decisions he could have possibly made for his life!

Keep reading for John’s take on the start of his CrossFit journey.



My first impression of Railroad was given by Coach Nolan.  The day I walked through the door for my On Ramp Nolan was very positive, upbeat and had just an overall awesome personality. I was nervous upon my entry, as anyone would be, but was brought right back down to a comfortable level upon speaking with Nolan. After I got through my 3rd day of On Ramp I attended my first class and the anxiety started all over again (new routine, new people…), but like my first day meeting Nolan the same persona was given by everyone working at Railroad and the other athletes.

I recently asked Coach Elena, after receiving my daily extremely warm welcoming from each coach – do you guys ever have a bad day? If you do you surely don’t show it. Elena responded by saying “of course we do, but if we show it that’s not fair to you guys, this hour of the day is your hour and should be the best hour of your day.”

My first two weeks were extremely challenging. I worked out prior at a local gym, but not on the same level as CrossFit. I was, and still am, very impressed with the amount of time and energy each one of the coaches puts into each athlete, no matter if you have 10 years or 10 minutes, everyone is treated the same. During every class the coaches are extremely positive, full of encouragement, and continuously give positive feedback so each athlete can enhance their performance.

The past two weeks have meant a lot to me. I am now understanding each exercise, what each exercise consists of and getting the movements under control. The past two weeks I have reached several milestones that were not there upon my entry into CrossFit. Wouldn’t you know, every single one of my milestones were noticed by each coach. Even if they were not present, they made it a point to acknowledge my accomplishments that they heard from the other coaches the next time they saw me.  

Shawn, Nolan, Elena, Abby, and Jenna keep up the great work, never lose the positivity, energy and commitment that you put into the program and into each athlete daily. I am sure people come some days not only for the great workout but for the positivity that is given, I know there are days I surely do.