We offer a FREE consult to start your journey with Railroad CrossFit.

What that looks like is:
1. First pick from one of the allotted time slots that best suits your schedule to meet with a Coach. Select that time here!
2. Attend your scheduled time, bringing water, wearing workout clothing and arrive a little early to fill out a waiver.
3. Once at the gym, you will meet your Coach, tour the facility, then we sit down and get to know you as a person, who you are, your goals, what’s behind them and why they’re important to you.
4. After our consult we then will teach you a few movements and run through a sample workout of the day. This will provide a feel for how effective a short and well combined movement workout workout can be.
5. Afterwards we’ll recover with a cool down stretch, a specific mobility based on any limitations we saw and discuss how we would continue (into our Essentials program).


Starting is the hardest part. Let us help you!