Fitness is Freedom 

The other day I had a free consultation with a gentleman interested in getting started back on the path to health, wellness and strength. 


Early on in our conversation I asked him about his goals, to learn what was driving him to come in, create a change.


When I asked him, why those particular goals of his were important to him, his response was a statement that stuck with me in it’s jarring yet obvious elegance:


“Because fitness is freedom,” he said. 



This coming week I recorded some habit tips/focuses for our members that are training remotely (if you’d like to see them the links are below!) 


And within one of the videos I dropped the line of, “fitness is freedom.”


And it really resonated with Dawner.
She was up early and watched the videos and wrote to me and her response to me was so great I wanted to share it here with you guys….


From Dawn:  

Wow! I’m up extra early this morning to give my body time to wake up before my 7:30 tennis date and I just watched all the videos you sent for this week, Shawn.


What great inspiration to get started on the right track for the week! You certainly hit on some great topics as usual.


I love “Fitness is Freedom”! 


Sure, I want to look better and feel better, but the thing that has compelled  me to stay consistent for these past three years (my CrossFit anniversary is July 11. Wow!) and what made me walk through the doors at RRCF is… I want to age as gracefully as possible. I want to stay as mobile as possible as I age. I dread having serious limitations that prevent me from caring for myself as I get older.


In the aging process Fitness is Freedom for sure!!


I may not lift the heaviest weights, get the most rounds in an AMRAP, finish in the best time but I do my very best, I am consistent and really do enjoy my workouts. I’m winning!!


Thank you for all your motivation and inspiration, Shawn.❤



Thank you Dawner for extracting the truth within the phrase, fitness is freedom.


Age gracefully. 

Stay mobile, strong and capable (something that gentlemen Chris shared, the ability to remain capable!)

Avoid and/or decrease the possibilities of serious illness and disease. 



Yes, lifting weights and gradual and incremental progress in strength or improving within our conditioning scores are exciting and are the day to day, week to week and month to month pleasures and excitements. 


But they aren’t available or even possible if we aren’t fit. 

Which gives us our freedom to enjoy this life. 


And let me squash some of your self limiting stories or beliefs right this second, if you are reading this, yes you are fit. 

And that freedom is part of of overall vision of why we do what we do. 

The team and I get excited every single day to get into Railroad and deliver you the best hour of your day, each and everyday with our overall mission being improving your vitality and longevity. 


So you can enjoy more out of life on your terms. 


And that fitness, gives us freedom. 

Freedom to be,
to do,
to see, 
to enjoy, 
to embrace, 
to know we are capable.

Never lose your freedom.  

Habit videos: (each video <2-2:30 min)

Habit #1

Habit #2

Habit #3–yqnfXXK5g