Fitness is a lifeline.

By Coach Shawn

The sad truth is each month people quit. 

And it bothers me. 

They throw in the towel and rationalize some lame excuse. 

Fitness is a lifeline. 

Becoming strong and learning how to understand your body, build real strength, real fitness & capacity to withstand life and its challenges better…that’s what’s available. 

Is squatting 20 reps difficult? Yup. 

Is doing 500m row repeats going to get uncomfortable. Yup.

Will we not always be able to do what’s prescribed? Or hit an inevitable setback?  Of course. 

These are all a part of it all. 

Training is building our wellness capital. 

So many are sick, overweight, energetically low. 

Are unwilling to become uncomfortable, build discipline and resilience through discomfort that training is. 

I refuse to be or become the many. 

And I hope you do too. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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