During COVID lockdown I wanted to try something that had been intriguing me for awhile, intermittent fasting. 


What is intermittent fasting → 

it’s an eating pattern [essentially times when you eat and when you don’t eat]

It doesn’t focus on what you eat per say but when you eat it. 

In this respect it’s not a diet but more a cycle of eating patterns in a particular window of time. 


There are different patterns and approaches out there but I went with the most popular one of:

16 hours fasting

8 hour window to eat. 


To be more consistent, I “broke” my fast the same time each day, 1pm.

(breakfast = to break the fast…) 


This gave me from 1pm-9pm to eat.


And from 9pm to 1pm I would not eat. 


During that non-eating time, I would drink lemon water, black coffee (a first for me).


I wanted to experiment to see how it would affect my body (I performed an inbody to track measurement before and after) my performance and my blood work (I got a test done before and after). 


Before I get to those results here’s some general things I noticed: 

-I slept better than I was previously. 

-I was more aware of what I was putting into my body (nutrients + calories). 

-I saved a bit of money on groceries (eating less) 

-It was initially challenging in the first few days to adjust to not eating until 1pm (I’d be hungry) in that last hour or so, but my body quickly adapted and it became normal quickly. 

-My GI felt better and I was more regular than ever in the bathroom 

-I felt it leaned me out 

-I had more productive mornings (wasn’t focused on eating, what to eat, or losing time eating). 


Now I ate pretty consistently day to day. 

I also ate healthy each day. 


I know my body too, growing up I was a typical “hard gainer.” Meaning, it was very hard for me to put on any sort of weight or size and easy to lose. I did not go into this with the intention to lose weight or muscle. 




Starting Metrics: 



Total weight: 



Total water: 



Dry Lean mass:  {for building muscle and strengthening bones]



Body fat mass: [For storing excess energy] 



Skeletal muscle mass: 



Percent Body fat: 




Ending Metrics: 

August 5th 2020


Total weight: 

170lb.6lb (-7.3lbs)


Total water: 

114.2lb (-3.2lb) 


Dry Lean mass:  {for building muscle and strengthening bones]

41lb (-1.1lb)


Body fat mass: [For storing excess energy] 

15.4lb (-2.9lb) 


Skeletal muscle mass: 

92.8lb (-3.1lb) 


Percent Body fat: 

9% (-2.4%) 


Oh yeah and my blood work results –

Total cholesterol went down 

LDL (bad cholesterol) went down 

HDL (good cholesterol) went up 


So across an 8 week period all the numbers went down.

I was not tracking metrics everyday (just in the beginning to make sure I wasn’t under eating) but was probably under doing protein a bit (hence the loss in skeletal muscle mass). 


I felt great on IF.



-For me specifically (being that hard gainer & not wanting to lose any weight) I had to eat large caloric meals to make sure I was getting near 3,000+ calories each day. 


-That was tough to do at times and could see the conflict of eating healthy (fruits, vegetables) and getting enough calories in (lots of rice, oatmeal) and feeling full. 


-Sustainable? I performed this during lockdown, so it wasn’t difficult to get my meals in to meet my specific target amount of food each day but I could see it being more challenging if not in lockdown. Just means more preparation and thought would have to be taken. 


Worth trying? 


I think there is a ton to be gained from trying this! 

If you eat well, consistent and balanced I know you can see great results doing this. 


In fact, my fellow Coaches Nolan and Abby tried this alongside me for the 8 weeks. 


I’ve recommended this to some of my members during our lockdown who were experiencing their own struggles. 


Karen – loves it, looks great, and has experienced a ton of benefits from doing it.

Todd – loves it, lost 15lbs I believe and was hard to get him to wear a shirt during our calls 🙂 

Jason O – loves it! Has helped him along his weight loss journey, a simple system (of time) to follow!


Nolan recommend this to a few of his people:

Jimmy, Brandon and Dawn who both saw benefits. 


Abby recommended this to Marina who also loved it and benefited. 


& Rob has been doing this for awhile now, and sometimes does 24 hour or longer fasts! 


It is not for everyone. We’ve since found a better route for Abby.  Brit K and Arlena tried as well and think they thrive better with bigger windows. 

I too have since stopped the 16/8 and live more in a 12/12 split or some days 10/14 but I still practice some aspects of it. 


Is it worth trying? 



Worst case → You learn and take away the benefits, possibly sleep better, lose a little weight and body fat.


Best case → The above PLUS you find a useful tool that helps line up with your lifestyle without changing what you’re eating, just the times in which you do so. 


Let us know if you give it a try and your results! 




If you’d like to book an In body scan to do a before and after like I did, 

set up your appointment here: