May 2019

Flex Your Mindset Muscle With Health & Fitness


When we think of the words and phrases “fitness,” “working out,” and “getting in shape,” our minds almost automatically zoom to the idea of getting a better body, a body that we feel comfortable, confident, and “attractive” in. Don’t get us wrong, feeling comfortable, confident and attractive in your skin is extremely important, but we’re [...]

Flex Your Mindset Muscle With Health & Fitness2019-05-23T15:09:14+00:00

The Benefits of “Unsexy” Workouts


Throughout your CrossFit experience, there will most likely be times when you will look at the workout of the day and think, “There’s nothing ‘sexy’ about this.” The appeal for the workout may not be there like it is for a one rep max deadlift day or your favorite conditioning workout. Take this workout for [...]

The Benefits of “Unsexy” Workouts2019-05-14T06:38:31+00:00

Challenge The Food Police


We’ve all been guilty of labeling foods in the category of either “good” or “bad.” The food police are the unreasonable rules in your head created by dieting and diet culture that cause you to feel guilty. Instead, eat guilt free and say “no” to thoughts in your head that declare you’re “good” for eating [...]

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April 2019

John Gambino: Starting The CrossFit Journey


John Gambino started at Railroad only two short months ago but has already shown us a work ethic, determination and drive like no other. He comes into the gym each and every day with the biggest smile and always carries himself with positivity, warmth and good vibes. He's quick to learn, extremely coachable, and isn't [...]

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Dieting vs Making A Lifestyle Change


No two people lose weight the same way, there are an endless amount of factors that come into play, but there is one single method that can, will and does work for everyone: making a lifestyle change.   When individuals feel the desire to look better, feel better, and lose weight, they often turn to [...]

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20 Benefits of Daily Exercise


Daily Exercise: One of the best lifelong decisions that you can choose to make TODAY! Whether you’re walking, running, lifting weights, or doing a CrossFit workout, the activity itself doesn’t necessarily matter, what matters is the fact that you’re moving and actively working to improve your health and wellness. Many people only view exercise as [...]

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Habits That Halt Progress


Becoming healthy, getting into shape, and building strength are delicately woven together and serve as a journey. No amount of progress or change will be visible overnight; results take time and most importantly only come with dedication, determination, motivation and knowledge. It’s difficult to achieve the results you desire if you are not properly educated [...]

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March 2019

Making Healthy Decisions: Feelings Aside


“Why is getting healthy so hard? You already know the answer - your feelings. If you feel deprived of bread, you won’t stick to your gluten-free diet. The second you consider how you feel about eating salad for the next 113 days, you’ll convince yourself not to do it. The moment you scan today’s CrossFit [...]

Making Healthy Decisions: Feelings Aside2019-03-21T12:50:11+00:00

Taking A Rest Day: This Is What It Should Look Like


We’ve all heard it at some point in time: rest days and active recovery days are equally as important as training days. But why? Your body doesn’t adapt to the stress of training while you train, it adapts while you rest between between training sessions. If we fail to give our bodies the proper amount [...]

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February 2019

Protein Powder: What To Look For & How To Choose


Protein powders are a quick way to help ensure that your body is nourished and satisfied after a workout! When looking for a protein powder for yourself, be sure it contains 20-30g of protein per serving in order to start the process of recovering and rebuilding muscle tissue. Additionally, make sure your protein powder contains [...]

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