May 2020

Have you ever finished a workout, and said the following….


“That wasn’t that bad.”   Or   “That was mild.”   Or   “That was easy.”   Take a seat folks, because school is about to be in session.   Understanding the 3 ways in which we do Fitness at Railroad.  Truth #1: If we programmed every training session to be “Murph” like, or an [...]

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April 2020

5 things to reinforce your health during COVID.


If you’re like me (if you’re reading this article you are!), you’re wondering how you are going to stay healthy during this unique time we’re all living in. It’s a lot simpler than you think! Here are 5 easy ways to keep yourself healthy and strong.   1. Exercise The key is to get moving, and consistently! [...]

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March 2020

Creating Certainty in Uncertain times


"Without structure or a daily schedule you are less likely to get the results you want….in any area of your life." Without purpose,  Without structure, Without a daily schedule,  Insert the possibile/inevitable outcomes…. [weight gain, depression, loss of identity/purpose, increase stress/fear, decrease in health, to name a few…..] Most of us have been quarantined to [...]

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January 2020

Brian’s success story (remote client)


At Railroad, we get people results.    Healthier. Better body. Stronger.  Out of pain.  Fat loss.   But these are people under our roof, who we see and work with regularly.    But what about getting results for someone who we wouldn’t be face to face with everyday?  […]

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November 2019

New to CrossFit Member Testimonial: Nina


What is something you would say helped you within your first month of CrossFit?     Two things: the amazing atmosphere at Railroad, and the realization that CrossFit really is for everyone.     I was so hesitant about trying CrossFit, but I'm currently on an 18-month sabbatical from my job in the city, and [...]

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October 2019

You might be hindering your performance if…..


Across almost 8 full years of Coaching, one thing I’ve noticed is certain,   People make the mistake of attaching their own self worth to their performance/abilities & get down on themselves when they don’t do as well as they want(ed) and then let it bring their self esteem down.    Why is that?    [...]

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June 2019

When It Goes Wrong: Focus On What You Can Control


By Coach Shawn This past weekend I traveled to Chicago to meet up with a bunch of other business owners.   I did the normal routine, get to the airport 2 hours ahead of time.   I had a flight scheduled for 12:55pm and landing in Chicago around 2:30pm.   My plan was to check into my hotel [...]

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May 2019

20 Protein Sources For Muscle Growth


Do you want to see the results of your hard work inside of the gym? Match your diet to your exercise efforts. Eat clean. Eat enough, but not too much. Eat the right amount of the right foods.   Do you want to see muscle growth and experience increased strength? Make sure you’re consuming enough [...]

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Jenna: Before & After CrossFit


It amazes me to look at these two photos of myself side-by-side. You don’t realize how much you have neglected yourself and your self-care until that one day, that single moment, when you look in the mirror and all of a sudden it finally hits you and all you can do is wonder “how did I [...]

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The Secret Weapon To A Really Strong Core


We’ve all heard the phrase, “pick things up and put them down,” but what if we said....”walk with them first?” We are talking weighted carries. Why should we perform weighted carries? To put it simply, they help you build and maintain that bullet proof body. They give us the opportunity to meet a variety of situations [...]

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