At Railroad, we get people results. 



Better body.


Out of pain. 

Fat loss.


But these are people under our roof, who we see and work with regularly. 


But what about getting results for someone who we wouldn’t be face to face with everyday? 

Enter Brian.


Brian is a friend of one of our members at our gym.  


Brian was up visiting his friend (oh yeah, Brian doesn’t live in New York state) and his friend would get him to partake in some team workouts while at his house. 


Brian wasn’t keen on how he felt while working out with his friend and conversation sparked. 


“You should talk to my Coach Shawn, I’m sure he could help you.”


The meet was then setup for Brian and myself to meet. 


I got to know Brian. His goals. His fears. His past. His previous injuries. The why behind his goals.  What equipment he had, if any. What his schedule was like. How he wanted to feel. 


We talked for over 30 minutes that day.  




Because we genuinely want to learn and understand about the people we meet. 


Because we know we can help. We want to help.


After learning about Brian, his unique story, I was all in. I wanted to help this man feel great, to lose 25lb before his 40th Birthday in 3 months. 


It wouldn’t be easy.  He’s states away. He has limited equipment.  He’d be working out alone. He hadn’t had the habit built up yet that so many others I’m surrounded by are accustomed to.


It didn’t matter, I was all in. 


I would take the corner for this man.


So we began……


One month in, Brian had this to say on our phone call….


A couple of people have noticed me working out, simple motions have felt better than a decade in a half (bending down). I’m waking up earlier.  The scale is going down. My overall energy is better. I rode my bike around town – no need to walk, a major difference! Flexibility/Mobility increasing. Better focus at work.”


Month two, work got very busy for Brian.  His consistency did not slow. I even asked him on our second month call “what has been your proudest achievement in the last month?”


Brian- “my commitment.”


Month three, life got even more challenging for Brian (and I’m not talking about workouts), work, personal life.  You know, the perfect storm of challenges. The universe can be funny like that sometimes. 


3 months had come and gone since we last met….


Brian met me at 225lb and wanted to be under 200lb. 


His final weigh in was 212lb.


What did we build? 



The habit of exercising regularly.  Taking care of himself. Not making excuses.  Putting his health, fitness and wellbeing as a priority.  

How was it formed? 


Accountability. –Knowing you have someone to answer to, in your corner, supporting, guiding

Consistency. -The act of repeatedly doing something (in this case exercise 5x a week, each week)

Effort.put in the work to achieve that which you desire 

What helped? 


His “Why” – Brian had already lost 75lb through changing his diet and minimal exercise before we met. He hit a plateau.  He made massive strides in his weight loss, he was missing a key component, consistent fitness. Brian was on a mission to lose more weight before his 40th Birthday.  We met he was around 225lb and he wanted to be under 200lb.


What happened to the under 200lb goal? 


Life – Not all roads will lead to perfect circumstances.  I give Brian all the credit, he would work a full work day then perform the workouts I programmed for him, in his home. Like any human, unforeseen incidents popped up but those aren’t here to serve as excuses and cloud the massive achievements, new habits, mental fortitude and overall fitter Brian that was achieved. 


I am fully confident that he can achieve this goal with his newly formed workout habits. 

What did you learn as the Coach? 


Accountability = a key ingredient to success. 

Brian worked out alone. He had nobody there to encourage him along his journey, to pick him up when he was tired or reassure him he had more in the tank.  What he did have was me on the other end, or a text away. He knew he was sending his results to someone. He knew the other person was there, to help him succeed.  And when we are put in that position, we don’t want to let ourselves or that other person down. So we work hard. And Brian did just that and I am proud of all the progress he made across 3 months!


Here was our action steps: 


  1. Consult- we sat down and discussed his goals, desires, fears and the why behind it all.


  1. Build plan- as his Coach, I built him a custom training plan to meet his goals, the equipment he had access to and the time in which he had available. 


  1. Accountability- via a training app, Brian would receive his programming, input his notes, results, feedback for me to assess. 


  1. Further accountability- Once a month at the end of the month we jumped on a 15-30 minute phone call to discuss bright spots, challenges, training and further goal setting. 


  1. Results- To his credit, Brian was extremely consistent in hitting his workouts. We adapted as stressors from work surmounted, family emergencies happened and traveled occurred.  


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