How silly would this be?

By Coach Shawn Driving Only At Full Speed Imagine this… every time you got in the car to drive, you only allowed yourself to drive

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Want Success? Begin With This…

To be successful with our health and fitness we have to build discipline. Building our discipline muscle is crucial to our continued progress and success

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Becoming Healthier…

When you become healthier everything gets better. The impacts are profound.  What’s the challenge? You’re going counter to what’s considered a “normal life.” You’re changing

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The Ripple Effect… 

A moment comes, you just know in your body…  “Wow…This is different than everything I’ve done before.  I feel better than I ever have before. 

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A Dangerous Body is…

A weak body.  Many of us get disconnected from our own bodies. How does this happen?  Years accumulated of… Aka putting everything before ourselves. At

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Flu Bomb

By Coach Shawn It’s that time of year. Colds, flu’s and the spread happens quick and easily. I wanted to share with you all the Flu

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