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October 2020

My mom used to CrossFit until I found out…


My mom used to do CrossFit.  And you couldn't imagine the feeling I got Coaching my mom in group class who after 2 weeks, was wearing high socks and ripped off her tank top during a workout and worked out in her sports bra!   She was all in. Juiced up and thriving off the [...]

My mom used to CrossFit until I found out…2020-10-07T05:39:58+00:00

Could this simple shift in your eating benefit you too?


During COVID lockdown I wanted to try something that had been intriguing me for awhile, intermittent fasting.    What is intermittent fasting →  it’s an eating pattern [essentially times when you eat and when you don’t eat] It doesn’t focus on what you eat per say but when you eat it.  In this respect it’s [...]

Could this simple shift in your eating benefit you too?2020-10-06T05:59:08+00:00

Necessity of life


If I don’t go grocery shopping, I don’t have food. If I don’t have food, I don’t eat. If I don’t eat, I eventually starve.  If I don’t pay my mortgage, I get a notice of default. If I continue to not pay my mortgage the lender will initiate the foreclosure process. Within 6 months [...]

Necessity of life2020-10-05T05:01:53+00:00

September 2020

A different kind of teenager: Ava


Member Spotlight: Ava, a different kind of teenager   What environment would you think could be more difficult for a teenager?  High School?  or Group CrossFit Class with adults... While Group CrossFit workouts at Railroad CrossFit can be difficult (& scaled to any fitness level) they come with other individuals (a community) who support and encourage you.  Not [...]

A different kind of teenager: Ava2020-09-30T05:07:20+00:00

Here’s what you’re up against – part 4: 


I once had this core group of friends when I was younger. They spent most of their time here upstate but in the summer down in a beach town in NYC. And man were they party animals. One summer I spent a month down there. I traded working out each day for drinking on the [...]

Here’s what you’re up against – part 4: 2020-09-24T06:25:58+00:00

Here’s what you’re up against – part 3


Do you remember when you were a little kid and you were told these imaginary stories. Maybe they were so vivid, they felt real because you believed them. You may have even added to them. If you’re a parent you probably see this with your own children. The ability to believe what is not real. [...]

Here’s what you’re up against – part 32020-09-23T14:06:15+00:00

Here’s what you’re up against – part 2


I’m going to share something with you, I’ve never told anyone. True vulnerability from my past. At 19 years old when I left for the military I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Adjusting within boot camp was difficult, mentally and emotionally. So much so that I considered quitting. I saw it [...]

Here’s what you’re up against – part 22020-09-22T07:55:12+00:00

Here’s what you’re up against – Part 1


What is Planet Fitness really? At its core?   It’s a room full of equipment.  And what’s Planet Fitness’ business plan?  Access to that equipment.  They offer a super low price that you would not care to come out of your bank account monthly.  Are they relying heavily on the group of people who are highly [...]

Here’s what you’re up against – Part 12020-09-21T06:59:20+00:00

What it means to be Coachable and why you should care.


Being coachable is one of life's most important skills and attitudes, whether or not you're an athlete. If you're any kind of person who wishes to grow, learn, improve, excel or peak perform, you should care about whether or not you're coachable. What is being Coachable? Being coachable relates beyond what happens in the gym. [...]

What it means to be Coachable and why you should care.2020-09-18T09:21:25+00:00

Thank you Mom


Thank you Mom.    I was 19 years old when I shipped out to Boot Camp in Texas.   And do you know what was the one thing I didn’t anticipate happening?    I never realized how much I appreciated, valued and loved my mother until that time.     Like most of us do with [...]

Thank you Mom2020-09-04T06:44:15+00:00