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OUR coaches

Shawn McQueen coach at Railroad CrossFit



Traditional stats will tell you I served in the Air Force for 4 years. I've been a Coach for 10 years and a gym owner of Railroad CrossFit for 8 years. That I'm pretty fit, love my two dogs and in the spring to summer months it might even be hard to catch me with a shirt on. What the stats won't tell you though, is who I am. I'll do my best here to paint a picture below but one interaction with me and you'll feel my presence and understand the man behind the words.

I lead my life each day by these three things: integrity, intent and impact. Driven to be an agent of change. To create environments and experiences like no other. Wherever I go, I aim to make it better. I study human needs psychology and learn from the best to continually add tools to my skill set as a leader. While equally implementing tactful communication skills that develop meaningful relationships. I change peoples states and energy levels by presence, asking questions and getting past the surface. Once there, there are massive opportunities to dramatically improve other human beings’ lives. I live for this. I genuinely care. If you’re on my team, come to me for help, to grow, expand or learn, you can guarantee it is a personal mission of mine to increase the quality of your life. To be a guide to help you get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Abby Puca coach at Railroad CrossFit



Your first week at Railroad, the question you'll usually ask after Coach Shawn and Coach Nolan yell "Gail!!" across the room is, "I thought your name is Abby?" Yes, it is. Gail is my alter ego, just kidding, just my nickname given to me many years ago : ) Outside of fitness, dance is a huge passion of mine, I grew up watching old movies, a big influence being my mother and father who I thank every day for getting me involved in dance classes at age 2 …my heroes : )

I’ve been with Railroad for 9 years, 3 of them as a Coach. One day, before I began coaching, I looked around the gym and saw all of the Coaches working with someone, helping them get out of pain, adding vitality to another human’s life, making someone smile; right then I knew I wanted to do the same, I wanted to become a Coach. Being a member of Railroad changed my life, and each and every day my mission is to give that back to everyone who walks through the door. Some will say I’m an empath. I strive to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of my perspective. I’ll sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of my own, meet people where they’re at and change their state to make their experience at Railroad the best part of their day. When I hear someone say, “I cannot believe I just did that”, it is music to my ears. To take someone from not knowing what to expect, to a place where they couldn’t ever imagine they’d ever be, and be their guide along the journey is something I live for each and every day.

Peter D'Aleo coach at Railroad CrossFit



At a first glance I'm sure there are many beliefs one would have about who I am, or what I am all about. Today I am a fit young male, who is confident in myself and my future. Prior to getting involved so heavily in the world of fitness, I was the opposite. A self conscious teenager, uncomfortable with my own health and fitness, and not fulfilled with who I was. Years later in my never ending journey, I made several choices in my life to steer myself towards where I am now.

I started my fitness journey only to help myself. I had a realization one day. That realization was that I wanted to take my love for fitness, and bring it to others who are in need. This took me to the State University of Cortland, where I studied “Fitness Development” for my four year stay. Through their internship program I found Railroad CrossFit, which ultimately allowed me to be launched into a career that would fulfill my passion for helping others discover that they are capable of doing things they could never have even dreamed of. I am fired up as a person, to be surrounded by those who are constantly committed to improving themselves in any way, shape, or form. As a coach, I will strive to do everything in my power to assist you in achieving each goal and milestone that you set for yourself. I can’t wait to get to meet each and every one of you who are on the cusp of walking through the doors or picking up the phone to make that first step!

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