If you’re like me (if you’re reading this article you are!), you’re wondering how you are going to stay healthy during this unique time we’re all living in. It’s a lot simpler than you think! Here are 5 easy ways to keep yourself healthy and strong. 

 1. Exercise

The key is to get moving, and consistently! I train 4-5x a week. Exercise has helped me build a strong body and immune system. I’m not superhuman, despite what my mom tells me. I catch the occasional cold, maybe once a year? It’s important to regularly exercise to build a strong mind, body AND immune system to fight off illness and avoid breaking down. Your body needs to regularly experience mild stress in order to build a strong body and immune system. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Start by going for a long walk. Do an alternating every minute on the minute of squats and pushups. Just get MOVING. 

2. Sleep

Did you know that those that lack sleep are more likely to get sick? This is an easy win that a lot of us don’t take advantage of. Since this shift in life, I’ve slept 7+ hours each night and holy moly do I feel great. I’m not doing anything crazy either. I go to sleep around 10-1030pm, wake up between 6-7am. The benefits are huge, including  improved recovery from training, stronger immune system, more clarity and focus throughout the day. This is probably the easiest out of everything we can do. If you struggle with a late bedtime, start with getting to bed 5-10 minutes earlier each week. You’ll be amazed at how great your body feels! 

3. Nutrition


Ask anyone who knows me. I used to be a dumpster. Put it in front of me and I would devour it. I’m lucky, my parents are freak athletes, my dad at 58 years old makes me look small. I got away with it for a long time. A couple years ago I decided enough is enough and cleaned it up. I’m not perfect, I live in that 90/10 spectrum. 90% whole, unprocessed foods, 10 percent for the moments I need a little something else. And that has made all the difference. I rarely get sick, I don’t wake up as sore, I feel much better day to day, sleep is incredible, exercise performance is through the roof, it goes on and on. Think of your body as a Ferrari. Are you going to put normal gas in that thing? Or the best, cleanest sources you can find? Your body will thank you. Try adding a veggie in at every meal if you don’t already. 

4. Hydration

Did you know your body is made up of mostly water? I’m about 210#, with almost 120# of it being just water! That’s nuts! It’s important to keep yourself properly hydrated. Staying hydrated is going to boost your immunity and naturally flush toxins and waste from the body. Your athletic performance will be at its peak. If you’re looking to fight off the “Quarantine 15”, being properly hydrated actually keeps you leaner! If you struggle getting in water, set reminders in your phone or keep a shaker bottle next to you throughout the day.

5. Positivity

A positive mind goes a long way. Negative thoughts = more stress. The more stress, the more likely you are to get run down and sick. Don’t live with a fixed mindset. Live with a growth mindset. Find the good and positive in every situation. Surround yourself with like minded individuals who aren’t afraid to challenge you in a positive way and support you. During this time of increased Netflix consumption, set aside 10-20 minutes a day to read.  Avoiding adding unnecessary negative energy, thoughts or focus is more important than you know.

Studies have shown an indisputable link between having a positive outlook and health benefits like lower blood pressure, less heart disease, better weight control and healthier blood sugar levels. Even when faced with an incurable illness, positive feelings and thoughts can greatly improve one’s quality of life


Nolan Gauthier 

Coach at Railroad CrossFit