3 Reasons Why Your Diet May Be Failing You 


Did you know that ⅔ of people will regain more weight than they lost?

This usually happens because they are following a diet instead of building a solid foundation on healthy habits. 


The average person tries 8 diets before seeking a professional — they have made all of these mistakes! 


Here are three reasons why your diet is failing you. 

  1. Too restrictive —
    If I tell you that you can’t have something, your mind naturally goes to how can I get it. 


    A study from the National Institutes of Health regarding restricting sugar from the diet states, “Many people try to lose weight by periodically forbidding themselves from eating certain foods. 

    But depriving yourself of tasty food can backfire…It can activate the brain’s stress system, causing anxiety and withdrawal-like symptoms, and leading you to overeat the forbidden foods when you get a chance.”

  1. Inconsistency —
    We often hear, I follow the 80/20 rule.

    The thing is — being super restrictive then “letting it rip” on the weekends is not 80/20. To move the needle forward, you must be consistently implementing healthy habits. 

    In other words, reason number 1, highly restrictive diets is leading to reason #2, inconsistency.

    Remember, this tells us that adherence is strongly associated with weight loss success over the short and long term!

  1. You aren’t eating enough! 
    When you don’t eat enough, you slow down your metabolism. 

    Wanting to lose weight, or change your body in any way is very emotional and intimate.

    Oftentimes, this leads us to starting our journey without ever sharing with our friends and family due to the fear of failure.

    But, our emotions, stress levels, energy levels, relationships, and so much more all directly relate to our consumption!

    Did you know studies show that those who have more support lose more weight and further, keep it off more than those who don’t have a support system in place?


If you are thinking, “I’m making one of these mistakes!”, we have all been there!

I HEAR you!


I remember times that I was so restrictive only to come out the other end unhappy and it always led to an “unhealthy” binge session. 

Coach Abby would tell you she’s made all the same mistakes too, in losing weight, gaining it back, being thin but unhealthy (both in her health and in her habits.)

Coach Nolan would tell you for awhile he tried to out train a poor diet. Genetically gifted with large traps, big biceps and super human strength on a barbell, he would never win that battle.   

None of us succeeded in getting to where we are alone.

And like many of you, we’ve had to make mistakes along the way to learn.

We want to help you create a healthy lifestyle.  

If you are tired of trying diet after diet and not finding success, schedule a FREE Consultation to chat with one of our nutrition coaches!