The Top Pre & Post workout Nutrition Mistakes 


You want to perform your best. 

You want to feel strong. 

You want energy to sustain you through your training session.

You want to recover afterwards so your muscles can be repaired, recover and come back stronger. 

You want to make constant and never ending progress. 


Then you must avoid these mistakes in regards to pre and post workout nutrition. 


Top 3 Pre Workout Nutrition Mistakes – 


1- Not eating before a workout 

In regards to your training, food is your fuel source. 


It’s what provides you with the energy and strength to sustain throughout whatever it is your training consists of that day. 


Some people make the mistake of not eating at all before they workout and crash within their session. 

They can’t perform the way they’re used to. Struggle to hit that gear they know they’re capable of. And become super frustrated and disappointed. 


Usually with themselves and begins the psychological battle of “I’m not good at this” or “I’ll never be good at this.” 


When in reality – your car can’t perform on empty. 

2- Wrong food selection 

So you decide to come back the next day with gas in the gas tank so you can crush your workout and get back on the path to results.


You get busy with work, you decide today you’re going to take the 6:00pm class.  

A few hours before you eat a nice salad. 

A ton of veggies, some hard boiled eggs in there.  


And you don’t feel quite as empty in your training as the day before but you don’t feel strong during a heavy day.  Or you gas out 4 minutes into a 20 minute amrap. 


Trust me – we’ve all been there. 


Your pre workout selection had no carbohydrates.  Which is your gas to your car.


Carbs provide energy. I know a lot of folks think “if i eat carbs I’ll get fat!” 


Unused excess energy (carbs) can be stored as fat. 

So if I eat a bagel (carbs) for breakfast, a yummy sammich for lunch (more carbs) and pizza for dinner (more carbs) I’m heading towards a direction I likely don’t want.  

Not only because of excess carbs but because of the carb selection (starchy breads). 


You need carbs before a workout. Healthy carbs. That is your fuel to perform and have energy. 

(And I’m not referring to ice cream, pizza, or sandwiches here either.) 

3- Timing 


Okay Coach says I gotta get good carbs and protein in before my workout! 

I’m gonna do it. 

Today I’m gonna take the 6pm class.


I’m getting after some chicken and a banana before my workout today! I’m gonna nail it. Protein and carbs! I’m gonna feel great. 


I eat that meal at 12pm and nothing else before 6pm. 


While the food selection was on point, the timing missed the mark. 6 hours isn’t ideal. 


You want to get your protein and carb selection in anywhere from 1hour (rare for most people) to 2 hours out from exercise. 


*Note: I know many of you like me have had that horrible experience where you eat too close, show up and it’s assault bike/burpee day and you feel on the edge of vomiting because you ate too close.  Don’t let one mistake ruin how you go about making progress from hereafter. We stumbled. Learn from those mistakes and adjust your window.   


When you were a little baby learning how to walk, imagine mom and dad giving up on you after you first stumble. “Well they’re not gonna be a walker.” 


You keep trying. You adapt. You learn. Until you find your groove stella. 


You finally nail your system and food selection of pre workout fuel. You’re performing how you want, feeling better and better inside the gym. 


Then all the sudden you hit a plateau. 

Soreness is wreaking havoc on you. 

You notice your lifts or performance begin taking hits in a direction you don’t want. 


What’s going on?!? 


You may be making one of these mistakes after your workout in regards to fuel/recovery. 

Top 3 Post workout mistakes – 


1- Not eating at all 

You train hard, rock the house down.


And you just get busy with work, friends or you trained late and don’t want to eat before bed. 


The massive disservice that just took place to your body I don’t think you just comprehended. 


Any exercise is muscle tissue breakdown. The tissues literally micro tear. 


How you recover, perform better, increase your leanness, decrease your body fat is through the big two: FOOD (aka NUTRITION) and SLEEP. 


People make this huge mistake in thinking the training is the end all be all. And if they aren’t performing in the gym, it’s likely something gym related. 


9 out of 10 times it’s sleep, nutrition or mindset related. 


A silly but easy analogy to understand is the following: 

Working out is like going through your house each day and in 60 minutes creating varying degrees of “mess.”  

Some days you flip the couch, pull all the dishes out of the pantry, dump rice on the floor, rip all the sheets of the bed. You get the idea. 


Not eating is leaving that mess for the next day. 


Eating after a workout is a cleaning service that comes through and cleans up the mess you just made. 


Always eat after a workout. 

2-  Timing/window 

Okay, Coach said I gotta eat after my workout. Today’s my day. I’m gonna do it. 


You hit your workout, feel great. 


You get a meal in. You think “I did it!” 


The only problem is, it was 4 hours after completing the workout. 


“Well I had some errands to run, and then my friend called me. And then by the time I got home I had to do this and then that. So by the time I sat down…” 


 While there is progress here in eating after the workout there is a window in which we should all be shooting to get the post workout meal in.


Otherwise – our bodies go into what’s called a catabolic state. Your body literally begins to eat it’s own precious muscle tissue for energy. Your body is smart. It knows what it needs. You do NOT want this. 


This affects your performance,  your strength, the way you look and feel. 

3- Food selection 

You get your pre workout nutrition down. 


You get your post workout nutrition down. 


And the correct timing. 


But you make a small blunder in that post workout meal. 


You eat a nice big salad! With lots of chicken & olive oil and veggies. 


Thinking to yourself – I just worked out super hard, I want to replenish and recover but I don’t want to eat anything else because you think – “I’m going to get fat and I’m trying to lose weight!” 


You’re missing a vital component to your post workout meal. 

And you’ve created a story in your head that’s actually going to hold you back from performing, recovering and also losing weight at the rate you could. 


Or instead you have a big fat greasy cheeseburger. With bacon.  And avocado. 


I mean shoot, you just did that one of the best and most challenging dumbbell workouts “Dopamine.”   You’ve convinced yourself “I’ve earned this!”  


But this particular meal is loaded with calories and it’s very high in fat.  


And the macronutrient of fat (pre or post workout) isn’t what we should be shooting for. 


High consumption of fat after exercise may slow down digestion and the absorption of nutrients which we want at a more rapid rate post working out.

So what should I eat then?

Are you Struggling with some, many or all of these? 

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